• Multi-Lingual Translator Network

    SG Graphics can take anything you've got, and translate it into any language you choose. How can we do this? SG Graphics has access to a number of translators worldwide who are indigenous to the country or people group you are trying to reach. The translators are highly educated, and specialize in a variety of industries. Furthermore, they are familiar with local customs, and understand the beliefs and thoughts of the culture. You will see the language list we can do in the following.
    When you choose SG Graphics to render your printed or electronic materials into another language, you can rest assured that the translation will be precise and free of spelling and grammatical errors. We follow a strict translation process to ensure the text is both translated correctly and the content is not compromised in the process.
  • Professional Translation and Editing

    Your SG Graphics representative will personally discuss the project with you, and determine the extent of services required. Next, we will match your job with a professional translator (the language you choose will be the translator's native language). Once the materials have been translated, they are then given to a skilled editor who not only speaks and writes the language fluently, but is also knowledgeable in the specific field related to your project. We know how important it is for companies to maintain a professional image, no matter the language in which their materials appear. Our translators and editors are educated, professionals who take pride in providing accurate translations.
  • Language List

Arabic Chinese
Cambodian Czech
Danish Dutch
French German
Greek Hindi
Hmong Indonesian
Italian Japanese
Korean Laotian
Malay Polish
Portuguese Russian
Spanish Swedish
Thai Vietnamese

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